About Us

The Shiznit!

Just FN Cool Shit:

We’ll it’s about time people just called things what they are and we are happy to do it! Come check out some fabulous finds and enjoy the tour! Our fun products are second to none! Whether it’s our beer gear, 95.1 WIIL ROCK merch, 420 dog toys Badass Food products or Just Extra Cool FN Shit, we aim to please like a multiple orgasm!

Maybe you’re a talented/creative individual and have some items or ideas you’d like to market. Hit us up and we are always happy to take a look! Some of our items are one of a kind so when they are gone, they are gone! We love to work with artisan product and things that are …….. Just FN Cool so spread the word, share some FN love and enjoy! 

Cheers and thank you!